BBC Broadcasting House – the view from inside

Yes you can actually go round BBC’s Broadcasting House – if you pay them. You don’t get to see that much, but it is quite fun.

You start in the newest bit and have to go through airport style security and wait in a cafe area from where you can look down into the vast news room area. We then went outside across the courtyard and into the “Peel Wing” where we did see the BBC London studio, which is much smaller than you think it is going to be. Apparently this is just temporary and BBC London will get a proper home soon.Image

Then back into the old entrance hall which have been taken back to how it looked in the 1930s. (hope that woman hasn’t been waiting that long!)


Than we went into the “Artist Lobby” where there is this tapestry thing which was given by the french after the war and got forgotten about – not surprising as it is pretty ugly. However it does fit nicely in the space.


But in the corner is this fab old mike


And you get to have a go – doing a radio play in a little studio – sound effects and all. We particularly liked the champagne cork popping – sadly did not involve champagne or even a bottle.


Then into the balcony of the old radio theatre, which was a bit dull. But we got treated to hearing a sound check for a programme going on later. Do they do that for all the tours?

Back into the new building and again we could look down into the newsroom (but no pictures allowed from this point). And a chance to read the news or do the weather in another mini studio. I volunteered to be a news reader but sadly no picture exists of this momentous event!

And so that hour and a half was over. Feeling the need for some light refreshment we adjourned to the nearby St George’s Hotel where there is a bar on the 15th floor. We finished our little tour with a nice glass of cold white wine and looked across Westminster and tried to work out what the hell those blocks in the distance were. So much for being professional Westminster tour guides! Could we see the Hilton on Park Lane or what it that other Hotel on Knightsbridge. Anyhow to wind up we did look back down to the BBC because we definitely knew what that looked like!



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